Welcome to the Citadel Statement

The Flemish Government and a host of European local government partner organisations worked together to ensure that the Belgian Presidency’s ‘Lift Off Towards Open Government’ Conference held on December 15-16th started with a bang by identifying the top things that national and EU decision makers can do by 2013 to better support local eGovernment.  The aim of this effort was to produce a pan-European ‘Call to Action’ – known as The Citadel Statement – that will help local government deliver on the key objectives of the Malmo Ministerial Declaration.

Initial research shows that despite numerous policy documents and ‘how to’ manuals on local eGovernment, nearly one year on the ‘Malmo Vision’ is still not being translated down to the on-the-ground, local level.   The Citadel Statement aims to address this short-coming by better understanding why local communities are finding it challenging to implement eGovernment in an innovative, cost-effective and efficient manner.  Toward that end, supporters of the Citadel Statement launched an open online consultation to encourage local eGovernment practioners across Europe to help identify practical solutions to combat working barriers at the local level such as bureaucratic red tape, cultural resistance and divergent privacy and data protection laws. The results from the International consultation were then used to draft and finalise the actual Statement itself.

The final statement was officially launched at the ‘Lift off to Open Governent’ pre-conference hosted by the Flemish Government on the 14th December in Ghent, Belgium.


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