Citadel Statement: Launch of the Living Document

The Citadel Statement was successfully launched to over 350 delegates on the 14th December at the Flemish Governments pre-conference in Ghent, Belgium.  The Statement suggested five key actions that National and EU decision makers could undertake to help local government deliver eGovernment.  Contributers to the Statement showed their support by digitally signing an electronic version of the declaration. Supporters hope that this Call-to-Action becomes a ‘living document’ that continues to evolve in the run-up to 2015 in a manner that spurs local government to achieve better eServices for citizens.     

Citadel Statement Ready for Lift Off

The Citadel Statement consultation closed at the end of November with participation from more than 120 users from 18 countries, including 64 organisations that represent 200 cities across Europe. Results of the consultation can still be viewed at  The final version of the Citadel Statement will be made available here after its official launch by the Vice Minister President of the Flemish Government, Geert Bourgeois, on the 14th December 2010. 

Online Consultation Launched

The online consultation for the Citadel Statement is now available until the 5th November 2010.  Visit the site to discuss how local e-government could be better supported by national and EU decision makers.  Help shape the Citadel Statement today by visiting the uservoice forum at where you can comment and vote on existing statements, or contribute your own ideas.

First Citadel Statement Workshop Held in Brighton

21c facilitated a workshop on Monday 11th October at the SOCITM conference in Brighton that brought together e-government experts from across Europe to discuss why e-government is not happening at the local level.  The aim of the workshop was to create the basis for a formal consultation on ‘what local governments need from National and EU decision makers in order to better implement e-government’.  The results from the workshop and the subsequent public consultation will be used to help formulate a shared European eGovernment Statement(provisionally named the Citadel Statement) that will be launched at the ‘Lift off to Open Government’ pre-conference hosted by the Flemish Government on the 14th December in Ghent, Belgium.  Further information on the public consultation phase will be released soon.

Registration open for pre-conference “Lift-off towards Open Government”

The Belgian Presidency is hosting a Conference in Brussels on December 15th-16th titled “Lift-off towards Open Government”.  To kick start proceedings the Flemish Government and SmartCities are hosting a pre-conference in Ghent on the 14th December, where our declaration on how national and local governments can work together to achieve better e-services for citizens will be launched.  To find out more and register for this event and/or the main conference, visit:


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